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# 26 – Therapy

Your [tag]Pixaday prompt[/tag] for today is “[tag]Therapy[/tag]“. When you’ve completed your project for this one, remember to post a link to your image in the responses box below.

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# 25 – Regal

The Pixaday prompt for today is “Regal“. Have fun.

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# 24 – Deity

It’s the second day of a new month. Halloween is left behind us and we look forward to more dark nights (and mornings), of course this may be reversed if your in the southern hemisphere. Today’s [tag]Pixaday[/tag] [tag]photo prompt[/tag] is “[tag]Deity[/tag]“. Remember to sign up for an account to post your image links. Have a [Read the Rest…]

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# 23 – Body Language

Today’s Pixaday prompt is “Body Language“. [tag]Still photographs[/tag] that contain live humans or animals are all about body language. There is no sound and even if accompanied by a caption, you can still [tag]read an image[/tag] and understand what the subject is saying. Have fun with this one.

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# 22 – Indigo

Pixaday prompt for today is “Indigo“.

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# 21 – Regeneration

Your Pixaday prompt for today is “Regeneration“. You can post a link to your image in the response box below.

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# 20 – Forbidden Space

Pixaday prompt for today is “Forbidden Space“. Have you ever thought about how your images are received by other people? Perhaps they promote memories or in some cases fantasy. Writers often use [tag]pictures as prompts[/tag] or inspiration for stories. You never know, your image could prompt the next [tag]JK Rowling[/tag] or [tag]Dan Brown[/tag]

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# 19 – Escape the cage

Pixaday prompt for today is “Escape the cage“. Let us know what you think of our prompts. Are they too simple, not enough depth, do you need more descriptive? We want to hear from you. Don’t click away, email us send us a Twitter.

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# 18 – Winter Sun

Today your Pixaday prompt is “Winter Sun”. Enjoy your photography practice. If you have an image submit the link via the reponses box below.

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# 17 – Conflict

Post your image link for today’s Pixaday prompt “Conflict“.

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