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# 55 – Entanglement

Tangled vegetation, tangled string, a tangled life, show us what you can do in relation to entanglement. To entangle is to intertwine in a confused mess. Although this is not to say that entanglement is necessary ugly or even bad. We love this image as it shows natures entanglement the plants that grow together

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# 54 – Warm

Being warm is something that humans love, it’s a comfortable place to be, but what about when it’s taken to the extreme, you may say this picture doesn’t necessarily depict warm,

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# 53 – Love And Hate

Two sides of the same coin some people say, but can you capture an interpretation of these two very strong emotions in one image, or a series of images? This week “Love and Hate” is the photography project prompt we’d like you to tackle. Do you already have something that depicts love, can you add [Read the Rest…]

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# 52 – Cleaning

Time for another Pixaday photography project prompt. This week it’s “Cleaning”. It’s a chore to some but to others a joy. Cleaning offers the opportunity for photographers to interpret how this activity is enjoyed or loathed or just merely endure by both people and animals. Think of how a cat spends hours cleaning it’s fur [Read the Rest…]

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# 51 – Books

It has been a while but we will be re-instating the Pixaday Project Prompts. However such is our level of staffing that we will be publishing them once a week instead of once a day. The first is today. We will try to keep them to the same day so that you that subscribe will [Read the Rest…]

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# 50 – Green

It’s a colour today. “Green” is the prompt for your latest [tag]photo project idea[/tag].

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# 49 – Silver

Your Pixaday prompt for today is “Silver“.

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# 48 – Crisis

Today your Pixaday photo project prompt is “Crisis“.

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# 47 – Glass

Today’s Pixaday prompt is “Glass“. [tag]Photography project idea[/tag]s can come from all around us and from common everyday items. Think about today’s prompt and use it as an idea for a larger photo project. Don’t forget to post your images in the responses box below.

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# 46 – Repetition

Today the Pixaday photo project prompt is “Repetition“.

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