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Photographers Lead Fightback Against Police

If you’re a photographer, you can’t have missed the increased tension between the authorities and photographers who want to pursue their profession or hobby by taking photographs in public places. The intolerance faced by photographers, professional or otherwise has been highlighted in press, parliament and online. A new website aimed at stepping up the fightback [Read the Rest…]

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Online Photography Course Improve Your Photography Skills

Online photography courses can make it easier for people who want to improve their photography skills get the technical know how to develop their photography skills. Knowing which course is worthwhile is part and parcel of finding the best course to fit your own skill level and needs.

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Pixaday The Freshest Photo Project Ideas Site

The soon to be premier photo-a-day, photo project ideas website is back for 2008, bigger, fitter, stronger than ever before. Downtime be gone, we’re back with even more prompts, competitions , news, reviews, features, photo tips the list could be endless but maybe we should stop there for a minute and leave you to peruse the site for a while. Although not yet fully functional, we will be posting material on a much more regular schedule so that you don’t miss out on what’s happening in the photography world, near you

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Photography Amateur To Photography ‘Professional” Is Not A Straight Line

Five years ago I returned to the world of photography after a 20 year absence. Then I was a ‘struggling-professional’ photographer. I gave a face to the following type jokes: Question – What’s the difference between a professional photographer and a McDonald’s family-pack happy meal? Answer – The happy meal can feed a family of [Read the Rest…]

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New Pixaday website launched

Pixaday is a new community website for photographers to use as a resource for news, project ideas and freelance opportunities. Photographers can set up their own photoblog for free using this easy site which is driven by the popular blog platform WordPress.

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Pixaday is about enjoying your photography. Our job here is to provide ideas for photography projects that you can use to produce new work.

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