Time for another Pixaday photography project prompt. This week it’s “Cleaning”. It’s a chore to some but to others a joy. Cleaning offers the opportunity for photographers to interpret how this activity is enjoyed or loathed or just merely endure by both people and animals.

Think of how a cat spends hours cleaning it’s fur with it’s tongue. Or perhaps you may have caught a roadsweeper doing his job, but in a way most particular to them. There was a great story last week of the roadsweeper who has become something of a local celebrity because he dances as he clears the roads in North London of litter. His routines have been caught on camera (albeit video) and is watched by thousands on Youtube.

You don’t need video to capture movement, so think about how you’d maybe portray the movements involved in “cleaning” using still photography.

Don’t forget, if you use this prompt, we’d love to see your work, so post a link in the comments so we can take a look.