I'm A Photographer Not A Terrorist

I'm A Photographer Not A Terrorist

If you’re a photographer, you can’t have missed the increased tension between the authorities and photographers who want to pursue their profession or hobby by taking photographs in public places. The intolerance faced by photographers, professional or otherwise has been highlighted in press, parliament and online. A new website aimed at stepping up the fightback has been launched to highlight areas where photographers are being harrassed by Police or private security.

I‘m A Photographer Not A Terrorist (PHNAT) was launched this weekend and there are plans for a flashmob at Canary Wharf, in London today.

In a statement from the campaign website PHNAT

“The campaign will fight for photographers’ rights across the country, opposing police repression and the abuse of anti-terrorism legislation. It will challenge the unreasonable restrictions in pseudo-public spaces such as shopping centres and Canary Wharf.”

They have also produced a “bust card”, a wallet sized card detailing photographers (in fact every citizen’s) rights in relation to stop and search.