If you’re looking for photography jobs, and are perhaps just starting out with not much of a portfolio, then sometimes doing spec work or volunteer work will give you those all important ‘tear sheets’, references and contacts you need to further your photography career. Here, we will try to assist you on the road to starting your photography career by listing photography jobs that we come across. Once such photographic opportunity comes from Revelation Arts & Media, this is their ad

Our organisation is the leading umbrella agency for enhancing the visibility and supporting the contribution of international talent to the UK’s creative scene and economy.

We seek enthusiastic and passionate writers to cover art exhibits, theatre, dance performances, film screenings, literature reviews, multimedia events etc. THROUGHOUT the UK for our online magazine. We offer some commissioned work, but most is on a volunteer basis. We provide the tickets to events or reimburse.

This is a great opportunity if you’re looking to build your portfolio or want to make great connections in the arts.

Please send a CV and covering letter detailing your relevant experience and interests.

Visit our website: www.crevelation.com

We are not involved with the recruitment process so please follow the details given above to apply for the photography/writer position. Good Luck