Not my career because I am not a fashion photographer, however I do know fashion photographers and other who work in the field of fashion photography. My only link with fashion photography directly is what I see when I watch America’s Next Top Model. I am fascinated with how fashion photographers work with the models and the results that they get which is truly amazing in some cases.

This is however a photography site such as this, should be able to give you information about a fashion photography career, so in the first in a series of articles about niche photography jobs, this article “My Career as a Fashion Photographer” will get the ball rolling, hopefully telling you something about the basics you will need to consider if you hope to make fashion photography a career choice and a photography niche in which you specialize.

Looking For a High Paycheck

In fashion circles, famous names get the cream of the jobs and the money when it comes to photographic work. People such as Eva Mueller are sought after and receive accolades and plaudits for their work, and they deserve it. After all you can’t hide behind bad work in the photography business.

You may want to strive to reach the dizzy heights of famous name fashion photographers and life the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but it is a very very competitive business. For every photographer who makes fashion photography their career choice, and makes their photography career a success, there are thousands who fall by the way side and even give up the profession all together.

How To Get Started in Fashion Photography

Well it’s like any niche photography job, or for that matter, any career you choose to follow. If you want to be successful, you have to know your subject. You have to be passionate about it, soaking up all the detail of the industry, the movers and shakers, who’s hot who’s not. Where is the best place to work, what are the best tools.

Where can you study your craft and who’s going to teach you? Have you got natural flair and talent but need to learn more of the technical? Do you know a camera inside out but need help with the creative aspect of photography? All these things are the details, they are the ones that need to be honed and polished to help you on your way to a successful career in fashion photography.

You Can Never Learn Enough

I cannot impress on you enough, the importance of continual learning. You must be like a sponge. read everything about your subject. Go to fashion shows and watch how the other photographers work. In that way, you’ll soon find that you are able to churn out information on photography in fashion at the drop of a hat.

A Fashion Photography Portfolio is Vital

You know how when you go for job’s they want you to have a resume or CV that shows your experience for the role being advertised? Well photography jobs are no different, except more emphasis is placed on your Book or Portfolio.

It is no use going for a job to shoot a fashion catwalk show, if you don’t have pictures in your portfolio that show how you approach this type of work. What is the point of showing a fashion editor who wants to book you for a location fashion shoot, pictures of buildings? where people are non existent? Like other careers or jobs, your portfolio must fit the work for which you are applying.

A word from Chase Jarvis, commercial advertising photographer, “Shoot the kind of pictures that you want to make”. (i kinda paraphrased him) Basically what Chase is telling all us shutterbugs, is create in your portfolio the types of images that you would like to be doing for a paying client.

If you want to do catwalk, book a studio, get some models and shoot a catwalk show. Then put the good ones in your portfolio. If you don’t have the funds to do that, then get in touch with your local fashion college and ask them when their end of term/year show is and volunteer to shoot the show in return, hell ask them to put on a show for you so that you can shoot it if their scheduled show is too far away. You don’t need hundreds of pictures, just a few choice ones that display your photography style and creativity.

There is more to fashion photography than what you’ve read here, but this was just to get you started and fired up about your new photography career choice. We will be adding more to the niche photography jobs area of the site over time, so continue to check back for updates on this article and so many more giving you ideas if you have not yet chosen the subject for your photography career.