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# 22 – Indigo

Pixaday prompt for today is “Indigo“.

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# 21 – Regeneration

Your Pixaday prompt for today is “Regeneration“. You can post a link to your image in the response box below.

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# 20 – Forbidden Space

Pixaday prompt for today is “Forbidden Space“. Have you ever thought about how your images are received by other people? Perhaps they promote memories or in some cases fantasy. Writers often use [tag]pictures as prompts[/tag] or inspiration for stories. You never know, your image could prompt the next [tag]JK Rowling[/tag] or [tag]Dan Brown[/tag]

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# 19 – Escape the cage

Pixaday prompt for today is “Escape the cage“. Let us know what you think of our prompts. Are they too simple, not enough depth, do you need more descriptive? We want to hear from you. Don’t click away, email us send us a Twitter.

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# 18 – Winter Sun

Today your Pixaday prompt is “Winter Sun”. Enjoy your photography practice. If you have an image submit the link via the reponses box below.

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# 17 – Conflict

Post your image link for today’s Pixaday prompt “Conflict“.

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# 16 – Underground

Remember, there are just two more days to enter our competition to win a brand new 1GB Sandisk Compact Flash card. (see this link). For today your Pixaday prompt is “Underground“. Have a great time photographing below ground.

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# 15 – Strange

It’s Tuesday, and today the prompt is “Strange“. We are approaching Halloween, but one person’s strange is another’s normal. What will your images say about your interpretation of this prompt? Get posting those links. Remember, there are just three more days to enter our competition to win a brand new 1GB Sandisk Compact Flash card. [Read the Rest…]

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# 14 – Autumn

It’s the season, so why not spend some time photographing it. Today the Pixaday promt is “Autumn“.

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# 13 – Faith

For today, your picture prompt is “Faith“. A link to your image should be entered in the Responses box below. If you do not see the box, click on the title for this prompt and it will take you to the prompt page.

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