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# 65 -Festivity

This weeks prompt is Festivity. We are fast approaching the Christmas holiday so get out with your camera and shutterbug everyone you see. There is a wealth of picture opportunities during this season, from school plays to massive public get togethers.

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# 63 – Unplugged

mini goats

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# 64 Minature

We’ve been a bit remiss in posting prompts on the site for the past few weeks. This is due to some exciting projects that we are working on behind the scenes. We’re back now though so here is the first of this months prompts. Over the coming week, we will try to post a few [Read the Rest…]

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# 62 – Twisted

Somethings as well as some people are twisted and today that’s the prompt for this week’s photography project idea

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# 61 – Bridges

Bridges built over rivers, roads provide a way for travellers to move from one area to another safely.

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# 60 – Peace

Peace Day is held on the 21st September each year and so today, the prompt is Peace. It is a concept that you will probably find many examples for but this is just one, so do you utmost to find something original to represent it. Good luck, keep making those images work and tell a [Read the Rest…]

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# 59 – Trader

Have you ever been to an auction or a market and seen the traders going about their work? The atmosphere is one of busy commerce, making deals, loud announcements and fast paced business transactions. Work with your shutter speeds to recreate the atnosphere or go close in to capture expressions, gestures and interactions between trader [Read the Rest…]

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AOP 2010 Photographers Awards Exhibition Opens

The Association fo Photographers (AOP) 2010 Photographers Awards exhibition was launched today at it’s website The winners of the competition will be announced on the website on Monday 13th September 2010. As well as being able to see the exhibition in full on the website, it will be viewable at the AOP Gallery in [Read the Rest…]

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# 58 – Renew

Watched Logan’s Run lover the weekend on TV, that film used to scare the living daylights out of me when I was a kid, Anyway, if you’ve seen it, you know that the inhabitants of the world then all looked forward to their renewal ceremony which happened just before their 30th birthday. Renewal is something [Read the Rest…]

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# 57 – Carnival

In London today the annual Notting Hill Carnival is going on and it’s an excellent opportunity to capture a wide variety of images. With thousands of revellers, floats, bands, costumes of all shapes and sizes it’s always a spectacle. you could opt for the spectacle or find so other aspect of Carnival that’s not so [Read the Rest…]

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